Who is running this project?

Andrew Widdowson is the lead photographer and creative behind this shoot. He is joined by a talented Creative Team.

When and where is this happening?

The shoot will be from Sunday July 24th through Wednesday July 27th. Our creative team have scouted sunrise, afternoon, and golden hour/sunset locations across all of Yosemite National Park. We will travel via cars to Yosemite on Sunday evening. Our first shoot will be a sunrise shoot on Monday, and our last shoot will be a sunrise shoot on Wednesday.

How can I participate?

Contact Andrew Widdowson.

How will the images be used?

The images will primarily be published in a coffeetable book, simply titled "Yosemite." Here is a mockup:

Select images will also be directly released to the models (see details) and for promotional/social media purposes, to encourage purchasing of the book.

Is this a paid shoot?

No, this is a purely trade-for-time project. Models will be given 5 edited images from the shoot for immediate posting, and 5 edited images which will be embargoed until the book is published (for promotional timing purposes.) They will also be given a framed, signed 11x17" print, suitable for professional display.

Models will be responsible for covering the costs of their own meals (which we will source from restaurants/grocery stores in Oakhurst, CA, near our hotel). All other (substantial) costs will be covered by lead photographer Andrew Widdowson, including park fees, hotel accomodations.

Will I be given edited images from this shoot and tearsheets from the book?

Yes to edited images from the lead photographer - proportionate to how many of each model's poses are selected for final editing, each model will be given 10 high resolution digital images, masterfully retouched, in both portrait/landscape and Instagram ready (square with modesty edits) compositions. Note that many images will be embargoed until the launch of the coffeetable book, and some will be exclusive only to the book.

Yes to edited images from any asst. photographers - some assistant photographers may also opt to bring their own professional cameras and take fine art nude and/or fashion shots with the models. In this case, they will be expected to provide a modest number of edited images to each model they work with. Turnaround times may be longer on these images because asst. photographers will have other primary responsibilities during the shoot weekend.

Yes to tearsheets - you will receive two PDFs: one amalgamated PDF that includes the front cover, the forward/index page, at least two pages (of many!) on which you appear, the credits page, and the rear cover; and one PDF of just the two excerpted pages.

In addition, each model will also be given a framed, signed 11x17" print, suitable for professional display, as a thank you gift.

Do I need to be fully nude to participate?

Yes. The images will absolutely not be lude or suggestive. This shoot will be juxtapositioning the female nude form with the beauty of Yosemite National Park in all its forms. It will be tasteful, artful, and focusing on figure and form. Andrew, our lead photographer, will work with each/all models to emphasize beauty, enhance emotion, and build structure, through verbal feedback, pose coaching, and drawing on the photographer's 10+ years of experience with fine art photography (and where applicable to modeling form: 5+ years of experience with dance instruction).

Will I have to do my own makeup?

Yes. In this trip, we have opted not to bring a professional makeup artist, due to capacity and expense constraints. Thank you for your help!

Are there any physical requirements for attending this shoot?

There are no height/weight/shape requirements for models to be considered for the shoot.

All participants must be in good physical shape, and be comfortable with:

  • Up to multiple hours of walking on select shoots (interspersed with models taking time to pose)

  • Minimal (tens of minutes) of hiking on many shoots (interspersed with models taking time to pose)

  • Flexing their sleep and rest schedules to accomodate waking up early enough to drive, and then walk/hike to our sunrise shooting locations. This may mean that there are some nights where we get reduced (e.g. 4.5-5.5) hours of overnight sleep. Participants will be afforded ample mid-day relaxation time, where we will strongly encourage those capable of doing so, to get some additional sleep. We will also encourage all participants to refrain from staying up late if at all possible, to help maxmize overnight sleep.

What is the weather like at Yosemite in July?

July continues the hot season of Yosemite (perfect for art nude photography), with highs of 90*F, lows of 56*F. Sunshine for 11hrs/day, and a relative humidity of ~46%. Historically, it only rains ~1 days within the month, making rain highly unlikely for our trip.

Will transportation, accommodations, and meals be provided?

Transportation: provided

Both Andrew and Demetyr will be driving cars to Yosemite, and can bring additional passengers at no additional cost. Currently the assignments are:

Andrew: Katya, [passenger slot 3 is open], [passenger slot 4 is open]

Demetyr: Gabby, Arian, [passenger slot 4 is open]

If the number of attendees exceeds 7, Andrew may opt to rent a larger vehicle.

Accommodations (hotels): provided

Lead photographer Andrew will be paying for all hotel rooms. Depending on the number of attendees, some models may be asked to share a Queen sized bed with one other model. For professional boundary reasons, creative/logistics staff will not be sharing beds with any models (unless they are existing romantic partners.) Rooms will have 2 Queen beds, so rooms will be shared. If you must have your own bed and/or your own room, you may be asked to reimburse Andrew for that expense - please contact him directly.

Meals: participants cover their costs

All participants (models, creative/logistics members) are expected to cover the cost of their own meals. After consulting with the whole group, we might do group purchases of single serving breakfast items (yogurts / granola / fruits) and ask individuals to reimburse the purchaser. This may streamline logistics for waking up early and getting to for sunrise shoots.

Andrew will also be bringing some Clif energy bars and Gu energy gels for the group, but individuals should bring their own snacks to help manager their energy between formal meals. Andrew will also provide large quantities of filtered spring water.

Will there be any profit sharing from the book?

Sadly, no: art books rarely, if ever, make a profit; those that do are typically 1) those which are wildly successful 2) published in high quantities which bring down the base printing cost and 3) carried by publishers who have an extensive marketing team and distribution network. This book will be a small batch publication, and will be made available on Amazon and a few Bay Area local booksellers. It's unlikely that it will be profitable.

However, if it does turn any profit, that will go into recovering the multiple thousands of dollars of budget lead photographer Andrew spent on Yosemite expenses across both the first and second shoot trips.

What will I need to bring to the shoot?

Each model will be expected to bring:

  • Simple clothes for hiking through the park - these should be easy on/easy off one-piece clothing items so that we can shoot rapidly. Examples: lightweight breathable dresses or yoga tops and tights.

  • A towel and robe for use while shooting or interacting with water (waterfalls, pools, lakes).

  • Comfortable hiking shoes and socks. (Open-toed shoes and high heels, while beautiful, are impractical for a shoot in nature. When shooting, models will pose barefoot.)

  • Cash/card for paying for their own meals.

  • Any snack bars or preferred non-water beverages for avoiding "hangriness" while hiking and shooting; bulk water will be provided so bring your own insulated water bottle.

  • A bottle or thermos so that you can keep hydrated - Andrew will provide bulk spring water that we can refill from throughout each day.

A complete pack list will be provided to all participants at least three days before we depart.